Metal Framing, Drywall, Acoustical Ceiling & Carpentry Contractor Services

We service the construction industry in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. We are experts in the field of interior wall construction and ceiling systems of all types including acoustical, specialty wood and metal. Over the years, Conn Acoustics Inc. has developed an experienced field management team that understands the rigorous demands of the construction industry while providing our customers the highest level of service, value, performance and quality. We’ve grown over the years with the help of our key partners to provide the highest quality products with installation services that are unmatched in the industry.

Acoustical Ceilings
We are the experts in acoustical ceilings and feel we can provide the best value in determining what manufacturer meets your project’s needs.
Meeting deadlines and building to high standards have been where we stand out.
Spray Foam
New to our company in 2014 we have partnered with Icynene to self- perform our open and closed cell spray foam insulation systems.
Conn Acoustics Inc. maintains a staff of talented union plasterers with experience in decorative moldings, acoustical plaster, veneer plaster, exterior insulated finish systems and direct applied finish systems.
General Trades
Conn Acoustics Inc. has evolved from a division 9 ceiling contractor to a full service general trades contractor.
Light Gauge Framing Systems
We understand the complexity of light gauge framing and treat each building exterior with attention to detail. We work with a team of experienced engineers to ensure that the installations process is a success.
Acoustical Wall Systems
Acoustics is not only associated with ceilings. Conn Acoustics Inc has become a leading installer of acoustical wall systems.
Specialty Wall Products
Specialty Wall Products attach to existing walls and provide a wall finish system that is unique and installs quickly and cleanly.



Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Thomas P.
I have worked consistently with Conn Acoustics, Inc. over the last 20 years. In our business, it is not unusual for unforeseen issues to arise. What distinguished Conn Acoustics, Inc.,  from much of their competition is how they address these issues. They have always taken a proactive approach in bringing these issues to the table, even if they aren’t their issues, and work collaboratively with everyone invested in the project to seek the best resolution.
David C.
I wanted to express our appreciation for Conn Acoustics efforts throughout the Platt H.S. project and specifically Phase 3, which was complex and extensive.  As project changes were encountered at critical milestones in the project, Conn Acoustics stepped-up and delivered a finished product that we can all be proud to call our own.  Thank you for being as dependable as you are.  We are looking forward to a strong finish to this project with Conn Acoustics.
Gene F.
I have worked with Conn Acoustics, Inc. on a number of large, involved projects for which they held the general trade’s contract.  In terms of their approach to the project and performance, they have proven to be a very competent, well run, cooperative organization, at every level.  From project management and administrative services to their field operations; they were dedicated to the success of our project. In every respect, they are a team player making sure that our schedules were me