In order to have an effective safety plan you need to know why people come to work.  We understand that you come to work so you can live your life to the fullest and work is a conduit to achieve those goals.  To that end our goal is make sure our employees go home safely at the end of each work day.  We are striving to evolve from a compliance based company to a culture based organization.  It is everyone’s responsibility to look after ourselves and our co- workers.  Teamwork and communication are required to make this happen.  To that end we have taken some concrete steps such as:

  • Conn Acoustics Inc. employs a full time safety officer.
  • Conn Acoustic Inc. maintains a comprehensive safety program.
  • Everyone on our staff has OSHA 10 training.
  • All foreman responsible for running crews have OSHA 30 training.
  • Conn Acoustics Inc. has a light duty program to get our workers back as soon as possible.
  • We are committed to our personnel having access to the best healthcare specialists we can find.

We maintain high standards for safety and our commitment to this will never end.